Gastric Botox​

Gastric Botox - Overview

Stomach Botox has emerged recently as one of the procedures that provide a solution for the obesity problem. Gastric Botox injection is a process in which the stomach wall is injected from the inside with Botox, which is the substance known to be used to smooth facial wrinkles and to treat migraines, as this material relaxes, the facial muscles. And just the same way it works on the face muscles, it neutralizes the motor nerves and the smooth muscles of the stomach wall for a period that can extend up to 6 months, causing a relaxation in the stomach, which suppresses appetite, makes the feeling of satiety last longer and causes a decrease in the amount of food consumed, and by this mechanism it helps obesity patients lose weight.

Why it's done​

Stomach Botox is recommended for patients whose body mass ranges between 28 and 40. This means stomach Botox is suitable for people who suffer from overweight and light obesity. Non-surgical procedure no dressings are required because the procedure does not include any incisions or sutures. An immediate return to activities of daily routine. The healing process is faster and more comfortable compared to other weight-loss surgeries.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate For Gastric Botox

If the patient suffers from obesity, and regular weight loss techniques such as using diet and exercise have failed. 
If the patient has one of the obesity related health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, and elevated blood pressure.


Risks of stomach Botox are rare which includes;

How you prepare

We examine each patient very carefully, after proper examination and eligibility tests, if the patient is eligible for gastric Botox, we start with a detailed medical history including medications, allergies, and blood tests. Patients are requested to fast for 8 hours before the procedure to have a good and well experienced.

During the procedure

The Gastric Botox procedure takes about 20 minutes approximately. The doctor sometimes begins sedating the throat area, to ensure the patient avoids any vomiting during the operation. No general anesthesia is required for this procedure; the patient remains conscious of his surroundings. Then inserting the endoscope into the stomach, the doctor begins to inject the Botox, which is found in the injection needle hanging at the end of the endoscope, in different areas located on the inner walls of the stomach, the injection is inserted into the muscles of the stomach wall in specific, non random proportions, making the bowel emptying process much slower. After injecting all the required amount of Botox into the designated places, the doctor takes the endoscope out. The patient can leave the hospital on the same day and return to his daily activities without any problems or worries.

After the procedure

Botox injection procedure does not need the patient to be under general anesthesia when performing the injection, and the patient does not need to stay overnight in the hospital, and they can resume their normal life and return to work immediately after the procedure. But at the same time you have to be careful on your diet, you need to obey your doctor’s instructions. The diet after prepared Botox has the same general rules as any healthy diet. On this diet, we recommend eating foods rich in protein, foods rich in fiber, and foods low in carbohydrates. In general, patients are advised to quit all types of refined sugar such as simple sugars, sweets, and chocolate. For many patients, this seems very difficult to do, but after the effect of Botox, which is “prolonged reduced appetite and satiety” this becomes an achievable goal.

Plastic surgery, gastric surgery, hair transplant, cosmetic dentistry and general surgery in Turkey

Doing exercises and being on a diet sometimes are not enough for lose weight. Sometimes if you have metabolic problems, to get rid of obesity and lose weight are required more exact solutions such as medical inventions. People lose weight with modern surgical techniques, more effectively than sport and diet,  (Gastric sleeve, Gastric By-pass, Gastric botox, Gastric balloon)

Because this medical methods prevent regain weights such as weight lost by sports and diet. This medical approachment regulate both your body shape and metabolism so even during healing process  you get rid of weights permenantly and a healtier life begin. 

Your life style and eating habits will change instantly after the operation and you will start to lose weight quickly and become fit as you wish.During this process spor and appropriate nutritions will also help shape your body and feeling fresh.

However, when you lose weight extremely, your skin can not be adapt your new body ,your skin wides with gaining weight may not tight as much as same proportion when you lose weight, this is a natural result.

In such cases, people can require surgical solutions again for tightening and remove excess skin. At this point, concordebeauty guides you in every step you may need in your healthy life adventure from beginning to end, with all surgical facilities, nutrition and sports programs, and all pre and post operative processes.All you have to do is to enjoy your new body and healthy life.

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